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HOMEticket is a new ticket distribution method which makes ticket purchase via the Internet a easier. The distribution itself lies in printing the tickets directly on your printer, where you are at the moment.

Important NOTICE

The HOMEticket method of ticket purchase can only be used via the Internet and by printing the tickets out yourself, therefore any offer outside of the Internet is suspicious and you risk purchasing only a copy and not being allowed access to the given event.

How can I buy HOMEticket?

Once you select your event and book the places (seats), please select "HOMEticket" as the method of delivery. Then, once your payment for the selected tickets by means of a credit card or Internet banking has been successfully effected, you can print out the purchased tickets.

Can I buy HOMEticket for all events offered by Ticketportal?

Unfortunately not. HOMEticket can only be purchased for events marked with the relevant logo , because it is not possible to secure authorization and the consent of the organizer for all events.

Why should I purchase tickets using the HOMEticket method?

This new distribution method will spare you from waiting in queues or on the telephone line. It will also enable you to purchase tickets to the selected event in the last minute (provided there are still any vacancies left).

Will I be allowed entry to an event with HOMEticket?

Yes, provided that the option to select HOMEticket was applicable to the given event. HOMEticket is a proper ticket, just like the conventional ticket commonly sold at the Ticketportal sales points.

Do I need any special hardware?

No, you do not need any special hardware, only a regular laser printer.

What happens if I print out the same ticket multiple times or if I make multiple copies thereof?

At the entry to an event the organizer will check the number of the ticket and the bar code. Only the first person holding a valid ticket will be allowed entry to the event. Any other client who will submit the identical ticket will not be allowed entry to the event and may be subject to legal recourses.

What should I do if the ticket purchased as HOMEticket cannot be printed on my printer?

Please check the settings of the PC, on which you wish to print your HOMEticket, against the settings stated in the Settings section of this website.

What should I do if I have already paid for the ticket, but the ticket has not been printed out yet and the connection has been interrupted?

Please proceed as stated in the section "How to proceed" on this website.

Why do I need to show an identification card when using HOMEticket?

This measure is aimed at your protection; in the case of any problems, the organizer has a possibility to check at the entry which person purchased the ticket (provided that that person correctly and truly filled in his data by registration on Ticketportal). Otherwise the organizer is entitled to refuse your entry to the event.

If you do not have yet a login name and password, please register first.

STEP 1 - Selection of an event

All events, for which tickets can be printed out at home, are marked with the HOMEticket logo and on the website they are marked as indicated on Figure 2. You can also make you selection from the summary list of events, as shown on this website below (HOMEticket NOW SHOWING).

(Figure 1), (Figure 2)

STEP 2 - Payment via the Internet

Once you have selected the desired event and the place (seat) you can pay via the Internet and print out the tickets. NOW? ...

1) tick the item HOMEticket print your ticket at home(Figure 3)

2) select the form of Internet payment /Visa, Paysec/ (Figure 3)

3) confirm by clicking [ Payment ](Figure 3)

(Figure 3)

After clicking [ Payment ] you will be redirected to the webpage of the bank, where you fill in the data necessary for the payment from your account (number of credit card, expiry date, etc.).
Once the payment is successfully effected you will receive an e-mail with the details of your order and a link that will redirect you to a webpage, from which you can print out your HOMEticket, as indicated on figure 4.

(Figure 4)

STEP 3 - Printing of the HOMEticket

Important notice!!!
Before the printing of the HOMEticket it is necessary to check that your settings comply with the settings that are stated in the main menu, part "Settings".

Printing of tickets
Pleaser confirm by clicking [ Print TICKETS ](Figure 4).
Subsequently the ticket should appear, which you can print out as indicated on Figure 5.

(Figure 5)

Repeated printing of tickets
After logging in into the system click the link [ Your bookings ] login panel (Fig. 6)

(Figure 6)

The link will redirect you to the webpage [ Your bookings ]((Figure 7), where you can select your booking and print it out by clicking [ no. of booking ] , as indicated on the Figure.

(Figure 7)

After clicking the link [ no. of booking ], the page with the details of your booking will appear; from this page you can print the HOMEticket at home by clicking the link [ Print TICKETS ], as indicated on Figure 8.

(Figure 8)

Subsequently you will be redirected to the webpage of repeated printing (Figure 9), where it is necessary to state the reason why you are repeating the printing and subsequently you can click [ Print TICKETS ].

(Figure 9)

In order to print HOMEtickets it is necessary to have installed the Acrobat Reader software and to have a printer that supports "no margin" printing. The majority of printers do support such printing. Therefore please download and install the Acrobat Reader software and view the figures that depict settings before printing.

STEP 1 - Downloading Adobe Reader

It has been previously known as Acrobat Reader. It is also possible to use the Acrobat Reader version 5 or higher.

- dowlnoad Adobe Reader

STEP 2 - Setting of parameters for printing

After the installation of the Adobe Reader software, the generation of the HOMEticket and before the printing of the HOMEticket tickets it is necessary to check the parameters of your print settings, therefore please click [ Print Setup ] in the Adobe Reader software, as indicated in Figure 1.

/ Adobe Reader: File->Print Setup->Properties /

(Figure 1)

Next, please check the settings to ensure that they comply with the ones indicated in Figure 2.
(Figure 2)

STEP 3 - Printer setup

It is possible that after previous use of the printer the setting remained such that they are not suitable for the printing of HOMEticket, therefore please check them to make sure that they are compliant.
Click [ Properties ].

Adobe Reader: File->Print Setup->Properties
(Figure 3)

After clicking [ Properties ] syou will be able to access the properties and detailed settings of your printer. The printer in our example is HP LaserJet 1150. Therefore, depending on the type of printer, the following window can look differently than the one you can see on Figure 4.
(Figure 4)

The settings that should be complied with are usually the default settings; still, please check them to be sure:
- Orientation (portrait, landscape) (Figure 5)
- Scale 100% (Figure 6)
- Medium/output format set to A4 (Figure 7)
- and all other settings concerning Margin, that you can find with the assistance of the documents pertaining to your printer should be set to 0 mm.

(Figure 5)

(Figure 6)

(Figure 7)

A brief summary of the above 3 steps:
1. have one of the versions of the Acrobat Reader software installed
2. check the parameters of Print settings
3. check the basic settings of your printer

If you have complied with all 3 steps, you can proceed to the printing of the HOMEticket (Figure 8), whereby your settings should all be correct by now ( to do this click the [ Print ] button) as per the following Figures 9 and 10.

/ Adobe Reader: File->Print /

(Figure 8)

For the Acrobat Reader version 5.05 (Figure 9) / Adobe Reader: File->Print /

(Figure 9)

For the Acrobat Reader version 7,8 or 9 (Figure 10):
(Figure 10)

If all your settings are in compliance with Figures 7, 8 or 9, you can click [ OK ].

Here you can download and print a sample ticket.

[ Download sample ticket ]


10.06.21 20:00 (Thu )
    / 1
01.10.21 20:00 (Fri)
    / Sofia Live Club
06.05.21 19:00 (Thu )
         - .
! .
    / 1907, .
         - .
! .
    / 1
        75 -
22.05.21 19:00 (Sat )
        Al Bano and Romina Power
15.11.21 20:00 (Mon)
29.11.21 19:30 (Mon)
    / Joy Station
        Affect - The Beatles Forever
24.04.21 20:00 (Sat )
        Hammerhead 35 Master of Puppets
23.04.21 20:30 (Fri)
21.05.21 20:00 (Fri)
         I Nikos Vertis
30.03.22 20:00 (Wed)
22.07.21 17:00 (Thu )3 DAYS TICKET 22 - 24.07.202123.07.21 17:00 (Fri)
24.07.21 17:00 (Sat )
    Sofia / Arena Armeec
        Hollywood Vampires
!Ultimate Meet and Greet Package !VIP Merchandise Package !
    / 1
         50 -
13.05.21 20:00 (Thu )
    / -
22.04.21 19:30 (Thu )
30.04.21 19:30 (Fri)
23.04.21 19:30 (Fri)
    / 1
14.05.21 20:00 (Fri)
    Varna / Palace of Culture and Sports
15.05.21 20:00 (Sat )
- Talk Show /
    / Joy Station
16.04.21 20:00 (Fri)

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